Google Chrome to Allow Tab Sharing Without Enabling Sync Settings

While Google does keep introducing new feature here and there to keep the app up to date and its users interested in the application, it was recently heard that Google has launched another new feature. Google will now allow sharing tabs without using chrome sync. If you do not understand what this means, it is totally fine. We are here to explain to you.

Google has an option that allows sharing of different tabs from one device to another. The only possible condition they require from you to use this feature is that you should sign into your Chrome sync commonly called Chrome and only then can you share the tab to another device. However, it was recently discovered that Google is working towards changing that as well.

Like every other company, this Tech Giant also makes changes and plans for its users and introduction of this feature is just among one of its many plans.

How do we know that this feature may or may not be coming along?

Well, as of today a New Flag was discovered on the Chromium Code which now leads us to the fact that Google will soon allow tab sharing from Chrome by just signing in through your Google Account. The option “Send tab to self when signed in” is a feature which allows tab sharing for users who have just signed into their Google accounts and have not enabled the sync.

In simpler words, you will be able to share your tabs now without going through the hassle of sending it through your sync setting.

While it may not be among Google’s largest and fanciest update but the update is still a convenience for the users who no longer have to go through the trouble of sending a tab to the sync in order to send it from one device to another.

While some users think this is an attempt by Google, that it may be planning to separate itself from Chrome and becoming an independent service no such news has come to the public knowledge officially as of yet, but what we know is that we may see some more investments and work for the tab sharing and other features and Google will also produce more amazing features for its users in the future.

Let us know what are your thoughts on it?

H/T: CS.

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