Twitter Enables Its 4K Load Option for Android Users After iOS

For the longest time, Twitter did not allow its users to upload high resolution pictures. The images uploaded on Twitter would be compressed and loose its fineness, appearing rather blurry. Pictures taken even from professional cameras would retain very little details and would not look as appealing as it looked on the camera but things have changed now.

Well, things actually changed last year for iOS users, when Twitter allowed iOS to view pictures in 4K load and while Android was deprived of this feature up until now, it has recently been noticed that Android versions of Twitter can now load images in 4K as well. The new feature is available for iOS and Android version of Twitter v8.76 and above and that’s some great news for the Twitter users.

The iOS from when it started this feature and up until now allows you to view the 4K load by pressing and holding the image to view the option that will enable you to view the image in 4K, however on the Android version when you click on the image to enlarge it, at the corner of the image you will see three dots by clicking on which you will see the 4K image option.

Must be thinking that is we have only talked about viewing the images in 4K then will we be able to upload the images in higher resolution as well?

Yes, apart from just viewing the images in higher resolution you can upload the images in higher resolution as well. To do this and enable the option, you have to change a few things in settings.

To do this you have to move over to settings and privacy and then click on data usage and then finally click on High Quality image upload. After this it will ask your permission of whether you want to enable this option on cellular data or Wifi or simply whatever is available at that moment.

After this option is enabled all you have to do is upload an image having a resolution of 8.3MP or above which will eventually let your image have an access for the option 4K load.

This is some great news for Twitter users and we are glad that Twitter is taking steps to make their application better and better with each step. It is a huge part of the community in sharing their thoughts and we cannot wait to see what further it has to offer its users.


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