YouTube Giving is expanding to allow more channels to support their favorite charities

If you own a YouTube channel with more than 10,000 subscribers, you can add a donate button in your videos and livestreams to help charities.

After the launch of the Giving Tuesday story feature on Instagram, Google developers worked with YouTube to roll out this feature for YouTube as well.

Following last year's launch, Google is expanding its YouTube Giving service, on Tuesday, in a blog post, Google has already announced the changes that are going to happen. All channels that have over 10,000 subscribers and are a part of YouTube’s partnership program can avail this feature. There is a restriction related to this feature, it is not available worldwide. You need to register your channel as based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

YouTube Giving feature is automatically installed in YouTube that allows content creators to help raise funds for deserving charity business. Non-profits businesses who avail other sources to raise funds can also utilize the YouTube Giving program to help raise funds directly. In order to raise funds, the process is simple. You just need to sign up, and to your videos and livestream, you can add a donate button feature to make it easier for people to donate whatever they can. In this way, viewers will help you with your good cause.

Channels that are registered for kids are not allowed to utilize the Giving Tuesday feature. Using the YouTube Studio feature, you can sign up and choose your desired charity business to support. There is also an option to add your favorite non-profit business if that is not present in the list given on YouTube.

The announcement made by Google put a major emphasis on the efforts done by the channel of the Daily Show to donate money for the Bail Fund and by a nonprofit business named as Goats of Anarchy to specifically raise money.

In the wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Giving Tuesday program will help the charity programs raise funds for people who get affected as a consequence of the pandemic.

Photo:: SOPA Images / Getty Images

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