Reddit reveals that the daily user accounts has been growing and reaches 52 Million for the first time

Reddit is a social news platform that allow users to submit their content and discuss the content shared by other creators.

Recently, Reddit announced that currently it has 52 million users a day and the figure seems to be increasing exponentially. In an interview, Reddit informed The Wall Street Journal that the daily use of the social news platform is increasing year by year by 44 percent since October. Such a significant rise in the statistics of the usage revealed how important the product is for its consumers.

We can say that the rate of increasing usage on Reddit is although smaller than most of the top rated social media websites but it is constantly increasing. Twitter has 187 million users a day, the number of users on Snapchat is 249 million, and Facebook has 1.82 billion users. The surprising fact is, beside their huge number of users, not any of these platform reports increase in daily usage as quickly as Reddit. In the previous month, Snapchat recorded an 18 percent total rise in usage, Twitter recorded a 29 percent year on year rise, and Facebook recorded a 12 percent increase in daily usage.

The Company said to the Wall Street Journal, “For the first we have shared daily usage of Reddit to represent our user growth accurately and to be more in accordance with the industry reporting’s.” it is a fact that usually, social media sites measure their user statistics on daily basis. For instance, Twitter previously used monthly users for statistics but now it has shifted to daily user matric as the number was declining and now it is increasing more rapidly. Another reason for this shift was to increase Reddit’s advertising business.

Previously, Reddit concentrates more on monthly usage. In this same month of 2019, Reddit reported 430 million monthly users growing 30 percent year by year. The rapid growth was at the time when Reddit started to focus more on its services. In 2018, there was a massive upgrade that occurs in Reddit and new features like galleries and polls are revealed in 2020. The Company is also working to get rid of toxic groups on the site, by doing so the environment will be friendly for both the users and the advertisers.

Credit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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