Chappelle's '8:46' is trending on No. 1 in YouTube’s top trending videos of 2020

As per YouTube, Dave Chappelle’s video was uploaded after one week after George Floyd’s murder. Since then, it has been number one on YouTube.

In a report published by YouTube this Tuesday, the top trending video rankings of the year 2020 were revealed for the U.S. Along with that, top trending content creators and the most popular songs of the year 2020 were also reported. Usually, YouTube as a part of its tradition always releases top rankings videos with an annual rewind video at the end of every year. But in 2020, YouTube skips the celebrity recap mashup video and only reveled the top rankings creators and songs.

Dave Chappelle released a video titled “8:46” is a 27-minute long video in which he raised his voice against police brutality and racism which black people faced. His video is leading the list of trending videos in the US. The video was posted as Netflix is a joke channel. The description of the video states, "Dave and his content not at all means to monetize any content relevant to George Floyd's death.” He further convince viewers to contribute to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Accompanying this video, in the second position is the video of a science vlogger. He uploaded a video in which he builds a bird feeder with a barrier that will trap squirrels. Another video that hitting the top-ranking video list of 2020 is SNL's election debate parody. It holds third place in the list for the US. It also includes Nikkie tutorials video “I’m coming out”. This is the most watched video of her channel.

The other videos that include in the list of top 10 are:

Makeup artist JeffreeStar video who talks about his break up, MrBeast’s video that contains the largest firework in the world (which cost about $600,000), Minecraft Speedrunner vs. 3 Hunters Grand Final posted by Dream, Ricky Gervais’ Monologue during the 2020 Golden Globes by NBC, Quarantine Stereotypes; a video by Dude Perfect, and Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1 posted by SomeGoodNews.

In an announcement made by YouTube, it was said that “In the US, in the list of top-ranking videos of 2020, YouTubers have instantly adapted the unexpected challenges of 2020 and demonstrate that in their videos. These creators also tried to discuss about the personal needs of their community.”

In the list of top-ranking creators of 2020, MrBeast takes the lead, while Dream and ZHC hold the second place, Chloe Ting workout videos which gained maximum views when the lockdown was imposed during the pandemic, she’s also in the top 10 list.

Songs that became hit in 2020 include: Future’s Life is Good ft. Drake, a hip hop music which secures the top position and Cardi B – WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion made up to the fifth place.

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