GIPHY’s list of most-used GIFs in the year 2020 suggests that people find a way to smile even in tough times

This year has been a roller-coaster ride, and without any doubt, almost every person who survived 2020 has been affected in one way or the other. With a dreadful pandemic claiming millions of lives, affecting the health of those who recovered from it, and impacting the whole world’s economy, crashing it down, halting everything - 2020 has surely been one of the most difficult years in the history of mankind. Such dire situations brought a lot of anxiety and depression, and other mental health issues amongst people. Thankfully, social media platforms keep up updated and entertained throughout this time.

GIPHY (the Facebook-owned platform) has recently published the 20 most-used GIFs in the year 2020, and surprisingly, amidst all the chaos and depression going around, the giant Gif search engine has reported in its blog that GIFS related to love and smiles were the most used amongst all!

Some of these widely popular and most frequently used GIFs include:

"Billie Eilish LOL" with a crazy laughing out loud expression. This GIF has around 421,554,616 views

"We Will Get Through this" GIF that depicts a fisted hand with a dangling facemask and a tagline running that ‘We will get through this.” This beautiful GIF has recorded around 423,529,288 views.

"Dumpster fire" shows a dumpster on fire. This GIF has collective 437,896,231 views. It depicts a completely out-of-hand, chaotic situation or occurrence.

"Happy Dance" GIF with a crazy and happy dancing expression collected around 493,304,934 views.

"OK!" GIF with two ‘entities’ in yellow knitwear, one in an ‘O’ shape and the other in a ‘K’ shape. Both these bodies are jumping and high fiving with an ‘OK’ exclamation. This GIF garnered around 540,192,916 views.

"Long Distance Love" bitmoji shows two loosely shaped bodies, one titled as ‘me’, and the other titled as ‘you.’ ‘Me’ is sending a heart to ‘You,’ and a tagline runs above them saying, ‘sending extra love!’ This GIF has around 710,944,919 views.

"I Love You" GIF with two people hugging each other and a tagline running above them saying ‘Virtual Hug.’ This is one of the sweetest and most apt expressions that remind people that the pandemic has created distances amongst us all, but we still love each other and can send virtual hugs to each other through these technological means. This GIF has 863,826,912 views.

"I Love You"- This is about a cat with a wagging tail, who is sending out hearts and flowers to the person who sees the GIF. This one has around 917,045,574 views, making it the third-most-used GIF in 2020.

"Grateful for You" This GIF with joint hands depicts true and sweet gratitude for the other person. This one has 948,335,721 views and it is the second-most-used GIF.


"Thank you" The most used GIF has a beautiful tagline that says that we are ‘grateful for all the selfless humans on the frontlines helping keep everyone safe. Thank you!’ This GIF has around 1,061,535,526 views.

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