You can now record your Samsung PC through this free screen recorder app

Samsung has recently launched its screen recorder app which can be used after downloading it from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. After you install the app you will observe a toolbar with the following elements: start screen recording, Take a screenshot, Launch a webcam Window and Launch Application Settings. As before the new feature was launched; the app used to screen record everything. This is not the case now as the new feature allows you to screen record by exempting the things you don’t want to be included in the video. It has thus become easier to record from the Samsung recorder. It is not just limited to screen recording, rather; you can now take a screenshot after selecting a particular format of your choice, choose camera source, and change the volume according to your need- in the recording. Moreover, you can now also fix the resolution of the video through the app. The app currenly supports and works only on Samsung devices.

It gives you a choice of video resolution starting from as low as 720 x 480. You can also decide whether to show the cursor icon in the recording or not. Save the recordings in the folder of your choice. The screenshot format is available in 4 varieties: BMP, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF. Additionally, the new update permits you to quick keyboard input customization. Just like the iOS recorder; the recording will begin after the 3-second timer.

This is an easy game and the options are simply accessible in the setting menu after you click the Gear icon. To let you know: this 135MB sized file can be run on the 17134.0 version of 64-bit storage Windows 10 and Xbox One. However, it is currently available to Samsung users only and stops working once it detects that the app is being run on any device other than that of Samsung.

There are improvements in the app with some new features such as the toolbar appearing on the top right corner of your device includes updated Play, Stop, and pointer buttons. The 3 minute counter can now be get ridden in this new feature. This option is available in the setting option with the name of ‘skip countdown.’ It is worth mentioning here that interestingly you can also screen record while being on a call, without your voice being recorded in the video.

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