Facebook’s Creator Studio dashboard will soon feature a Calendar for Better Instagram Content Management

People are more socialized than ever before, so they use different networking apps. It becomes difficult for people to manage posts of different apps at the same time, especially for the content creators who want to make better posts, manage, and monetize their marketing contents. Previously, the Creator Studio of Facebook was just able to manage the Facebook pages but now things have changed.

Facebook is adding a new feature in its dashboard where you will be able to manage your present and future activity on Instagram which will be shown through a calendar, which means you do not need to go Instagram app and check and manage your post separately, which will take much time.

This new feature in Facebook’s Creator Studio will be shown on the left side of the Instagram section (between Content Library and Insights tab) and its screenshot is shared by Ahmad Ghanem (via Matt Navarra) to elaborate on this new feature. It enlists all the content activities of Instagram in a different icon in monthly or weekly overview.

It will be simpler and easier to figure out your Instagram approach and next you can plan your posts for the future. It will be much helpful for social media marketers and managers who want to plan their future posts. Through planning like this way, you can guarantee more attention to your content than ever before.

At this time, it is only for posts and IGTV, but you will be able to arrange your Insta stories by Creator Studio. Through this, the benefits of the option can be limited, however, it seems like, this calendar can show your updated story which cannot be displayed through Creator Studio.

Instagram needs to further elaborate on this feature. If additional information is received from Instagram, it will be shared with the public. It is progressively maximum appreciated means for posting through this exciting addition to creator studio. Many page managers have already tried Facebook’s post scheduling. And they are satisfied with this feature.

Now social media marketing has gone to the next level, which requires good management of your posts. This feature will work as your post’s manager.

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