The Your Phone App Now Lets You Access Contacts From The Comfort Of Your Desktop

The Microsoft app Your Phone's new update enables people to access their contact lists via their Windows laptops and PCs.

Your Phone is an app centred around the notion of convenience. It links one's Android or iOS mobile devices to any and all platforms that run Windows 10. The established link means that users can send and receive texts, make phone calls, rummage through apps and in general handle their phone without its physical presence, all from a laptop. The Your Phone app is a relatively recent development by Microsoft, replacing the previous Phone Companion after its discontinuation in October, 2018. The company also tries their best to preserve that freshness and lack of baggage by consistently updating Your Phone with new, useful features for its audience.

The contact list access is proof that Microsoft is less focused on chasing fads with this application, and is instead more keen on making the experience all the more smoother for users. Access to contact lists means that users will be able to check details associated with each number, logs, search details etc. In general, it will also make people more eager to use the app for making calls as opposed to using their phones. Again, not the most innovative addition, but one that's surely focused on maximising user satisfaction with the product at hand. Your Phone will also allow shortcuts to be set for certain numbers, so as to make calling relevant people as simple as pushing a hotkey. No need for scrolling down contact lists when they're a keyboard click away.

This hasn't been the only change Microsoft has made to the app. Just the month prior, Your Phone added app streaming to its list of available services. Individuals could open up their phone apps from PCs in real-time, multiple at a time even. Previously, utilising Android or iOS apps on a computer would require emulators such as Bluestacks to run them (to very varying degrees of success). Now, your phone's personalised app features will be accessible, without the need of any third party downloads bogging down your PC speed. This feature is currently only available on Samsung devices, but is obviously expected to start catering to the other market competition as well.

Currently the ability to access contacts is limited, as the update is in preview. In simpler terms, this means that while one can view contacts and place calls, editing the list and ruffling through other information is not possible. However, that's surely soon to change. Your Phone's novelty may eventually run out, but its maintaining integrity by focusing not just on the quantity of their work, but also the quality.

Screenshot: Mspoweruser

H/T: TheWinCentral.

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