Soon You’ll Be Able to Quickly Enable Google Chrome’s Upcoming Experimental Features Right From the Toolbar Menu

Currently, Google is working on Chrome browser to roll-out a handy feature for users. They are calling this new update as Chrome Labs. At present, only Tab search and the Reading list are included in Chrome Labs shortcut button and it is up to user whether they want to activate them or disable their functions or keep these features to default settings. You do not need to open the flags page (chrome://flags/), this can be done directly from the toolbar. For now, this feature is available on Chrome Canary channel.

Chrome Labs is an easily accessible feature present on the toolbar menu. Chrome Labs shows different types of experimental features that users can get access to directly through the toolbar menu.

At the moment, you can only use the reading list and tab search on Chrome labs.

The options of active and disable Chrome Labs are displayed on the toolbar menu. Users can easily manage the upcoming features without the need of going to a seperate tab on their browsers.

The activation of Chrome Labs is easy and simple. You just need to download Chrome Canary version, enter the chrome://flags page. After going to the flags page, search for Chrome Labs or simply paste this in the address bar chrome://flags/#chrome-labs and enable the Chrome Labs flag. Finally, restart your browser.

To know if the features are worthy to try, click on the toolbar button on Chrome Labs.

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