Twitter Now Makes It Easier For You To Consume Humorous Content

There is no doubt in the fact that all the real fun that happens on the internet takes place on social networks including Twitter. And while the company is very much aware of this fact, therefore with a recent move, they will now make it easier for the users to see the funny tweets before they land up on Instagram meme accounts.

This new personalization feature goes according to the kind of jokes that you like and it's an extension of Twitter’s existing Topics feature as there is an inclusion of “funny tweets” and “viral tweets” in the list of categories now.

With that, the major difference will come in the form of the selection of tweets. So, while previously Twitter would pick up tweets on a random basis for each category, the company has now figured out a way to identify the funny ones and show them to you. Precisely, the algorithms find funny tweets that would interest you based on your likes and retweets.

The product manager Isabella Turchetta explained the machine learning process further by stating that Twitter analyses the nuanced emotions by keeping an eye on Emojis which improves the performance of algorithms in identifying what people find funny on the platform.

The update also seems well in line with the latest efforts of Twitter to keep on highlighting the most viral content, which more often than not gets shared on other social media platforms before all of Twitter gets to see it.

Apart from that, Twitter has also brought up a new sharing feature for users to share their tweets directly to their Snapchat and Instagram profiles.

But with that being said, giving Twitteratis an easy way to find the tweets that they crave for, can be a great way to increase engagement and bring new users to the platform as well.

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