Twitter Will Start Removing Badges From Inactive Accounts Or Those That Do Not Meet The Company’s New Verification Policy, The New ‘Blue Tick’ Policy Will Take Effect From Jan 20th

Twitter has announced that the company will launch its revamped verification policy on January 20 of next year. The social media platform had pressed pause on the formal verified account program for over three years. Twitter has announced that it plans to make it possible for users to apply for a verified badge starting in January 2021. The blue tick verified badge allows users to know that an account of public interest is authentic and verified by the company. Users need to be authentic, notable, and active to receive this badge.

It is worth mentioning that the company built the new policy taking into account inputs from tens of thousands of Twitter users. According to the new policy, the company will remove badges from inactive accounts. Moreover, it will also remove badges from accounts that do not fit the new requirements. Twitter has announced that this new policy will take effect from January 20, 2021. Twitter had announced in November of this year that the company would again launch the verification process in 2021.

You should also note that Twitter will not re-launch the formal verification program on January 20, which means that users will have to wait a little bit longer. The Verge reported that a company’s spokesperson has revealed that applications will open at ‘some point in early 2021.’

The new changes in the verification policy include more defined categories for badges and new guidelines around when a verified user might lose its blue badge. If your account is verified, you might lose your badge if you are inactive or violate the policies of the company. The new categories recognized by the company include media outlets, journalists, brands, companies, entertainment figures, government officials, and sports-related accounts. Moreover, the company will also recognize a broad category, activist, organizer, & other influential people. Moreover, the list of categories is expected to expand with time.

The company is also planning to memorialize the accounts of dead Twitter users, and it will introduce a new application process to apply for the memorialization of a profile. Twitter will introduce labels to differentiate between bot accounts and those that are operated by humans. It is worth mentioning that the company will notify a user if they are at risk of losing their verified badge. At some point in early 2021, the company will roll out a ‘self-serve application program’ within the Twitter app.

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