Snapchat Highlights Survey Data and AR Strides Across 2020

Snapchat has recently shared insights about its achievements in the field of AR across 2020, and the results of surveys it has conducted amongst its userbase.

Snapchat has released a detailed listing of attitudes that its userbase has maintained in the face of upcoming holidays and a new year! All of the upcoming information has been accumulated by Snapchat via surveys through Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat. A more detailed breakdown of the survey's results can be found on Snapchat's business site for further scrutiny.

57% of Snapchat's userbase across the world is ready to call it a day and roll over 2020 as fast as possible, which comes as no surprise. The highest population contributions seem to stem from Brazil and the USA at 73% and 72% respectively. Holiday plans are being affected by the pandemic itself, and Snap Inc.’s findings seem to exhibit this rather clearly. The United Kingdom got hit especially hard on the holiday front, as the government has pledged to implement strict rules regarding outings this Christmas. A solid 50% of the UK is encountering difficulties in planning for the holiday season this pandemic.

The USA's Snapchat community is already looking to plan around social distancing. This would include no house plans, and relying on Zoom and the post for gift exchanges. Hardly the best substitute, but a global disease does warrant some careful planning.

In other news, Snapchat's still working hard as ever to establish its AR (augmented reality) presence. 2020 proved to be no exception to that work ethic. Snapchat's usual AR tool, called Lenses, was given a variety of ammo via deals and partnerships with different brands and NGOs across the world. The social media platform spent active time developing new and new features to cement a role in AR's future success. Let's have a look at some stand out developments.

A partnership with Gucci led to the introduction of Shoppable technology, allowing users to virtually try on Gucci shoes using their phone camera!

Users also had the opportunity to try on NYX makeup accessories on Snapchat, in an honestly impressive marketing scheme. In more sombre news, Rebuild Foundation also acted as a partner in a show of solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter Movement. The "Raise Your Voice" lens would allow people to sport custom, virtual masks in an effort to spread awareness across the online platform. The WHO's Global Donation lens would also allow users to scan currency, which would show them how their money could be well spent in the effort against the pandemic. Be it medical aid, patient care, or further research .
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