Twitter made the account safety process more easier for users

The process of securing an account is always hard enough that people seem to neglect it. However, securing your account is very important to deal with any problems.

On Wednesday, Twitter made an announcement about a new modification in the site that will help users to secure their accounts properly. It also made use of these secured accounts on mobile phones easier. Twitter users who have opted to protect their account with security pin keys can have access to these accounts by using those keys via Android and iOS.

This update was much needed as users are scared of the hackers that tend to hack their accounts thinking that account with a large number of followers are easy to promote cryptocurrency frauds. With this update, the most strict form of account security was launched to help users protect their accounts from hackers using the strict measures yet easy process accessible on mobile devices. In past, was the only solution to use security keys for login verification.

In a post by Twitter, they made it clear that they have modified the two-factor authentication to protect your accounts on all devices. Now, similar to the way of login process on the desktop, you can use security keys to log in to your account on Android or iOS.

You can also connect to your account via devices like a PC using a security key. Once, you login to your account via desktop, there will be no need of using the long process of login again, according to Wednesdays update. It will be easily accessible on your mobile devices.

As per Wednesday’s announcement, users who wanted to take extra precautions to keep their accounts secured and have complete power over them can still use their accounts on mobile phones.

As proper protection of online accounts requires extra effort, people usually try to ignore and uses techniques that will create problems in their accounts. Instead of completing the process of security, people made mistakes such as change passwords multiple times or setting easy passwords. With Wednesday’s update, change cannot be implied directly still, we can hope that it will help people to take the safest decision.

The consequences created by a hacked twitter account are dangerous.

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