Google Maps introduces a simpler way of business messaging for both customers and stores

In a world where everything seems to be on the tip of your fingers, shopping for basic necessities is also changing. People are moving towards online shopping as it is more convenient. The old tradition of visiting markets for basic grocery shopping has now been turned into online shopping.

Increasingly, people are looking towards mobile devices to search and order products. Google has made life easier to a point that now customers can ask questions to stores and they can reply via Google maps to increase customer statistics.

To reach out to the companies, you can simply tap the message icon located in the search listings. When companies made a post regarding any product that will appear in the updates folder, as per today’s news the new update will feature a message shortcut. Where you can easily ask about any item or availability of the product.

When you call a company for your queries and it did not answer your phone calls, Google allows you to leave a direct message on the Google map. This occurs when the company reports that since the beginning of the year, users have started messaging the seller more than many times.

Rather than using the My Company website, certified businesses can now use Google maps to respond to their customer’s queries. As in today’s update, from now on customer conversation requests will be appeared in the “update” tab for improved efficiency. In the future, Google will also update the viewing option and replying feature in the search desktop to save more time.

The small and medium-size businesses will also get benefit from such search statistics. The Company Profile Performance page will recognize the search queries that contributed to the listing. As in the case of a pastry shop, the words will be like “bakery nearby” or a specific food object. Calls, messages, and booking experiences in a six month will be then added to the graph.

Next year's performance detail would determine whether a listing has been viewed by Maps or Search list, and whether a desktop or mobile device view has been used.

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