TikTok has taken some serious steps against the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and graphical content that some might find disturbing

TikTok has taken some serious against the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 and its vaccination. This update will bring the authorized information about health resources and covid-19 Pandemic. Besides this, an updated community guideline has also been developed to prevent disturbing content. Now people can also use the feature of text-to-voice

The basic aim of warning screens on the videos is to avoid some stuff which may not be suitable for someone. This warning screen will have two choices, you can either see it or can skip it completely. The more dangerous contents will be removed from TikTok completely, but this update is for that content which might be permitted somehow for documentary or information sharing, this may include the scary scene, hunting, or violence. This type of stuff is already restricted by TikTok. The new feature which is added is that it turns text into the voice in the videos. In the meantime, help resources will be available regarding mental health or depressed people who search the ways to self-harm, this will include the links with the NSPL organization (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Health resources on TikTok will also share the data regarding vaccines, this data can be searched in the search results and illness linked videos. General questions answers on the COVID-19 vaccine will be included from the specialists. This health hub is viewed by millions of users in the last half-year.

TikTok has taken one step further to fight against the spread of fake information about the COVID-19 vaccine. By adding this feature in TikTok videos, people will have reliable resources and broader news to inform the public regarding the guideline principles.

An option or tag on the TikTok video will lead any person to the specialist information if any person wants to search for it. All the videos will be tagged with words and hashtags which will be related to vaccines and messages to learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccine.

Kevin Morgan who is TikTok’s head of product in Europe said that we will eradicate the fake information regarding the Corona vaccine to avoid any misleading health tip to the community. Because the vaccine is approved so we will make our information reliable for the community for their welfare.

An organization authorized a vaccine for COVID19 in the United States of America immediately after getting authorized by UK and Canada. This is the first vaccine that is being given to persons with highly critical conditions or health workforces.

Health administrators including doctors and medical staff advise people for care and prevent themselves from this COVID-19 pandemic by using masks, sanitizing their hands, and create distance from people and other methods to avoid as this vaccine took a lot of months so it is easier to prevent the disease than cure it. Therefore, people need to follow such guidelines to prevent this disease even further.

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