Facebook Tests TikTok-Inspired Hashtag Challenges; New Comments Section Design And More!

It’s always a delight to see our favorite social media platforms testing and rolling out new features for their userbase. The latest in this category happens to be the King of Social Media itself, Facebook.

According to renowned social media commentator, Matt Navarra, Facebook has been testing out a handful of new features and updates recently. What’s noticeable is the fact that most of these new features already exist in other trending social media applications. So, let’s cut to the chase and discuss these features individually.

Navarra got the first scoop from Jacki Pitkow and this scoop unveiled that one of the latest additions to Facebook’s platform has been inspired by TikTok. The feature we are referring to here is “Challenges”.

Yes, that’s right! Facebook now encourages you to become a part of different trending challenges as evident from the screenshots in the tweet. However, a number of people who have tried Facebook challenges have reported that the feature needs much more work before it could give TikTok a run for its money.

Moving on to the next new development in the world of Facebook. A new branch/thread design for comments is reportedly in the works for Facebook on iOS. As Navarra’s screenshot suggests, this design will help in distinguishing the replies from the actual comments and give the whole thread a more structured and organized look.

However, Android users were quick to bring up that the Facebook app on their devices already had this new design implemented a couple of weeks ago. So, it looks like iOS users will soon catch up with their Android counterparts.

Last but not least, Facebook is working on a “Guides” tab for pages. If you run a Facebook page, you will be able to use guides to:
  • Highlight important posts that you want people to read
  • Help people learn about a specific topic or subject
  • Organize information in an easily-accessible place
You will be able to name your “Guide” and describe it within 1,000 characters. After saving this information, you will be allowed to add posts in your Guide and keep tabs on the posts’ reach and engagement.

Out of all the new features that are in the works or have been rolled out already, “Guides” have got the Facebook users most excited. Many people believe that this new feature has the potential to help out businesses and even governments.

Which feature are you most excited to use? Let us know in the comments.

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