Instagram Working on a Shortcut to Creating Group Chats?

“Instagram is currently working on a new feature” is something that we have been hearing a lot over the last couple of years. The Facebook-owned media-sharing service has been constantly rolling out exciting updates and requested features for several months now and it looks like we will be introduced to another interesting addition pretty soon.

According to mobile apps researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is reportedly working on a new “New Message” option for its Threads application. What the said button will do is that it will allow Instagram users to create new groups within the Threads app, without having to access Instagram.

Paluzzi attached a couple of screenshots with his tweet to give us a better look at the new button. In the first image, the “+” button is the “New Message” option being referred to here. Once you click the “+” button, you will be taken to a messaging thread with no recipient.

From there, you can simply add multiple accounts in the same messaging thread to create a new group.

The ability to start new conversations and form new groups without having to open Instagram can help in saving a lot of time.

For now, the general release date of the button in question remains up in the air. However, stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.

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