Soon TikTok App will make an appearance on Smart TVs for the first time

On December 14th, TikTok revealed that they will be releasing an app for Samsung’s smart TV which supports short-form videos.

From Monday, this app will be available for UK and soon to get featured all around the UK but only in Samsung TVs. This app will be only accessible for TV models of 2018 and onwards. It can be downloaded through Samsung app store. The upcoming TV models in the future will going to be already installed with the TikTok app.

Now TikTok users can watch their favorite content on big screen. Even For You feed will be available to scroll through. There will be a horizontal banner that features all the videos from your chosen creators and videos of various categories as well. Viewers can also engage with content they like.

Rich Waterworth, TikTok's European managing director said “the shared experiences are the most great entertainments experiences.” On Monday, he disclosed the product to the journalists.

Waterworth has a past experience of working at UK broadcaster ITV. He said “I have experienced drastic changes in the way people watch content. Those days are gone when the only source to get entertain at home was a single TV in a lounge. In 2020, a record was established as the demand of entertainment was increased way more.”

TikTok TV app will showcase family familiar content that whole family from aged people to teens can enjoy.

Waterworth said, “It’s all about bringing whole family together to enjoy content on big screen.”

In the beginning of this month, TikTok disclosed that they are working to extend the overall video duration from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. In last five years, the trend to view content of YouTube on TV was significantly increased as compared to smart devices.

An Omdia analyst, Fateha Begum said to Business Insider that the purpose of this feature is to re-define the value of a home television and the increasing growth of free internet content.

She further added that may short-form videos providing platforms are launching and more than 30 percent of the YouTube content is now being watched on TV. Omdia conducted a research which shows that hald of the Samsung smart TV owners consume YouTube content on TV.

Waterworth said that #LearnonTikTok features educational content would be useful as a TV based content. TikTok TV app will only provide content this is suitable for all. Inappropriate content will be removed from TV app.

Head of Retail and Content Services at Samsung, Deep Halder said the TikTok TV will be a whole new experience for users and we are providing customers another amazing feature.

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