Snapchat Looks Back At 2020, Attempting To Predict How The Future Will Pan Out

Snapchat has recently published a report looking back on online trends across 2020, to potentially map future ones across 2021.

Twitter's done it, the Google and Apple stores have done it, and now its Snapchat's turn. With every consumer-related and social media platform publishing blog posts on how their userbase interacted with products across 2020, Snapchat had to join the fray eventually. However, it seems to be taking a different gander at online events, focusing less on how it's own userbase interacted with the app and more towards online trends in general.

Snapchat's an online social media platform based around communication in the form of short pictures and videos. The company has seen a fair amount of success, with a userbase of around 229 million, and being the progenitor of the Stories feature every other social media app now employs.

The company also holds stock in innovation and expansion through bee projects and programs. Its recent endeavours involve introducing AR/VR products to a wider audience with their Lens product, and branded promotions conducted on the platform. This recent report published by the developers lines right up with Snapchat's apparent goals of looking towards the horizon and prepare itself for future trends and projects.

The report, labelled "The Next Normal", delves into Snapchat's UK userbase, and their habits across 2020. While it serves as a comprehensive guide on user interaction with the app, it also has notes and observations on certain online trends, how they will pan out across the coming years, and comments from Snapchat's own key figures (developers, marketing advisors, creative directors, etc.)

Some notable observations seem to be how much the young generation is driving online markets. Snapchat's own UK userbase consists of 90% of all people aged 13-24. Millennials across the app were responsible for one out of every 3 purchases through the app, this seemingly owing to the generation also being the largest population wise. Snapchat's notes determine that since Gen Z is rapidly increasing in population size, future campaigns must heavily cater to them as well for success.

Purchases made via mobile as opposed to outlets such as tablets and desktops seem to be taking priority online, possibly owing to their popularity amongst the younger generation. The report cites that 54% of all e-commerce sales were made via mobile, thus judging that future social media platforms will start more heavily relying on their mobile iterations as opposed to desktop-reliant websites.

There's much, much more to be gleaned from the report. Up-and-coming developers can especially extract a nugget or two of wisdom for their future projects. The entire PDF can be found on the business site for downloading.
H/T: Andrew HutchinsonSMT.

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