A TikTok executive shares some key insights for brands to achieve success on the social network

CeCe Vu who is TikTok's fashion and beauty collaborations lead conducts sessions for brands to guide them about how they can become successful on this huge platform.

She wants to convey a major message: “Trust creators.”

In an interview with Business Insider, she spoke about her key steps from collaborating with influencers to making duets with them. She said, as she conduct growth strategy sessions, it is her job to guide brands what they can actually do to gain success.

Just as 2020 has been an unpredictable year for all of us. Similarly, TikTok had to pass through some major ups and downs in terms of their growth and political instability. Also for brands, it was not easy to take a risk for their marketing. In the meanwhile, there was an increase in short duration videos on bigger platforms like Instagram. But for TikTok, brands still are confused in understanding TikTok tactics.

Vu said to brands, when we compare TikTok with other brands, success lies in videos that are more creative than those picture-perfect images on Instagram. TikTok is just a whole new world where influencers and users can collaborate with each other.

She shared her thoughts with Business Insider that brands should emphasize understanding how to use creator marketplace and new features for marketing.

Vu’s six basic ways for brands are:

Give the creators freedom to make content in their own style. Vu gave an example of Bryan Yambao. If you look at his Instagram profile, the posts are usually fashion style. While his TikTok display some elements of comedy. If a brand is approaching him, they should respect the type of content he will be going to create on both platforms separately.

Collaborate with influencers on different features like a duet in which two videos will be combined into one and there will be a better chance of interaction with consumers. Like a video on how to consume a product on which a DIY or lifehack video can be made.

Be more active in responding to comments using TikTok's in-app feature. According to Vu, this will help you in interacting with the audience.

Engage in viral trends, challenges, and hashtags. Use them as your marketing source. Vu pointed out on a luxury fashion brand JW Anderson, starts a DIY challenge in which people have to recreate their version of wearing a sweater originally worn by singer Harry Styles.

You need to modify your mindset. A fashion does not always need a fashion influencer to promote it. Vu said: different brands can collaborate with different content creators. A beauty brand can work well with a comedic influencer or with an artist. It does not always have to be a beauty or lifestyle influencer.

Be smart when experimenting with a brand’s voice on TikTok. Gucci after seeing “Gucci model challenge” has given a pleasant response on the app. Now the brand has over 800,000 followers on TikTok.

Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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