Meet Community feed: A new feature of Google Map to give its users a view of what is happening near them

Being able to attract millions of users, is a huge victory for Google Maps. It has now become the most popular app for the navigation services it provides. The app has grown to be more than just a web mapping service for providing locations of businesses, hotels, historical places, cinemas, and live traffic updates. To make the experience of using this web service - more engaging and attention-seeking Google Maps has announced the introduction of its new feature; technically called “community feed.”

Being visible on the explore tab of its app; it will give better and more updates about what is happening near you. Focusing mainly on “local” content- it will now include the latest reviews, snapshots, and most importantly: local experts recommended posts by Google Map. Google has adopted much of its features like Facebook and Instagram; just like its “following” feature. This new feature would be available to Andriod and iOS users.

The company further said that if you are following your favorite food shop on Google Maps; you will now be able to see the pictures the restaurant posts. By following it- you will be updated by its new offers and services too. The like button feature with the “thumbs-up” option will permit you to follow desired business accounts.

Regardless of where you live, you can now search for hundred of new spots and places on Google Map. To have a better experience of what’s happening all around the globe you have to “plan” and “zoom” the map.

Before the Google map’s new update you had to follow the accounts to stay updated about what are they up to. However, this is no more a necessary thing. You might now observe the appearance of recommendations from accounts you don’t follow. This will help local businesses in gaining views from the audience to a larger extent.

To have a view of what's new on Google Maps; you have to select the option of “Explore” on your app and then swipe up to see recommendations.

While Google was testing its new update; it observed the posts to double because of those businesses which were half of when the feature wasn’t yet introduced. The community feature of Google Map will allow its users to plan trips in a more easy and useful way through which you can get information on any spot all over the world.

Just like Google’s updates and new features to its current apps; the community feed is a pre-decided victory, as Google was delighted to announce 20 million submissions in a day. The submissions included photos, updated reviews, answers to questions, ratings, business updates, and the list goes on.

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