Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is now available on iOS

In a recent update, Microsoft has revealed the availability of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for iOS users. After which, there is an increase in Defender offerings including macOS, Linux, and Android.

With this update, a range of options was delivered like anti-phishing, blocking the insecure connection, and custom indicators. Along with that, the Microsoft Defender Security Center also provides a consistent security experience, where security teams can receive a complete overview of alerts, incidents, and an additional information for the remediation of threats across all endpoints.

Microsoft says that its easy to get threats on mobile, in which phishing is the most ever growing threat faced by users. Over 85 percent of these attacks happen through websites, messaging apps, games, and other apps. A user email is not required for these phishing sites to attack a user.

According to Microsoft, their email service is extended to a point that they can easily get extensive insights into the billions of phishing attacks and social engineering tactics their users go through. The access to these attacks helps them to track and minimize these mobile attacks as much as possible.

Microsoft added that they have also updated the steps on how users can get access to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app on their iOS devices.
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