Apple Brings Its Redesigned Maps App To Canada

If there is one thing that Apple fans all around the world have asked for from their devices then that has to be certain improvements in their Maps app. And fortunately according to the recent announcement, the company has finally made the required changes possible with the all-new Apple Maps designed, which for now is exclusively available for people across Canada as well.

Starting from this week, Apple users in Canada will get to enjoy improved road coverage, pedestrian data, detailed views of the lands, and more ways to explore in areas with the Look Around option as well. All of this is aimed to make navigation more accurate on Apple Maps and also the fact that the company really wants to give Google a tough time in this section as well.

So, if you use the Maps app on any Apple device frequently in Canada, you can now take advantage of more comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, and much more.

Moreover, while making the announcement, Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, has stated that the new Apple Maps is by far the best and the most private Maps app that one can use on the planet. The developers have built it from the ground up to offer users much more rich details and navigation that is as accurate as one would like. Inside the app, there are guides on places that one can definitely trust, and overall, Canadians can now explore their country in a much better way as well.

Apple first came out with the rebuilt Maps app in its homeland United States and then also promised to roll it out to other countries as well. Although the release was supposed to happen in October across Canada, but it still is better later than a half-cooked product.

If you haven’t checked the redesigned app yet on older software versions or devices, update the app or software to experience the magic right away.

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