Worldwide Reach of Influencer Collaborations Increased by 57 Percent despite the Decline in the Number of Sponsored Collaborations in 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year full of ups and downs. The COVID-19 pandemic was a staple of this year and had a massive global impact. When it comes to the influencer industry, “unexpected” is the only term that can define the happenings in the said industry. Let’s kick off the discussion by stating that in 2020, the influencer impact witnessed an impressive increase of 57%.

The pandemic caused numerous brands to not only cut back on budgets but also slow down on taking the planned initiatives. As expected, the activity within the food and travel industries witnessed a drastic decline.

Due to various brands being tight on the budget, the sponsored collaborations in 2020 weren’t as many as they were in 2019. However, a massive growth was observed in the influencer value as well as their impact. Moreover, the number of sponsorships across TikTok and Stories was also up this year.

For the first time, brands and celebrities did their part and raised their voices for a needed cause (Black Lives Matter). Earlier, many industries and public figures used to play safe by staying neutral. However, the social issues raised this year couldn’t be ignored. And perhaps this trend will influence marketing strategies in the future.

With 2020 about to end and 2021 all set to kick in, there are some key details concerning the influencer industry that will help you get ready for the new year. The trends and other happenings from this past year might prove to be vital while crafting marketing strategies for the new year.

That being said, let’s discuss the key findings extracted from the influencer industry over this year. It should be noted that to derive these findings, over 5,000 influencers across major social networking platforms, were surveyed by Klear.

For starters, the worldwide reach of sponsored social media content in 2020 averaged around 7,806 impressions or unique views, signifying a 57% year-over-year growth.

Secondly, about 8 in 10 brands came forward to support the Black Lives Matter movement. For this finding, the fortune 100 companies were analyzed.

Additionally, TikTok recorded an enormous growth of 130% (year-over-year) in sponsored activity on its platform.

As for Sponsored Stories uploaded by Influencers in 2020, the weekly average was 2.1, signifying a 32% year-over-year increase. Moreover, with influencers aged between 18 and 24 making up over a third of the influencer industry (34%), it’s fair to note that the market share of Gen Z increased by 9% this year.

Lastly, it’s interesting to note that the top 10 industries that were found indulging in sponsored collaborations in 2020 (in ascending order) were: Fashion, Fitness, Photography, Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel, Parenting, Food, DIY & Art, and Design.

The aforementioned key findings from the influencer industry can help marketing strategists in learning about the changing consumer behaviors over the course of this roller coaster of a year. These trends will surely enter 2021 with us and continue to have a heavy presence in different marketing campaigns and sponsored collaborations.

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