Instagram Apparently Embracing Finstas, Separate Accounts

The general perception that most people tend to have about Facebook and Instagram is that these platforms don’t really want you to have multiple accounts, much preferring that users end up with a single account that they use for all of their needs. While Facebook certainly doesn’t seem to be looking to change this anytime soon, its subsidiary Instagram might just be taking a new approach to this sort of thing that could change the way people end up interacting with the platform in the first place.

A recent notification that a lot of people ended up getting had to do with Instagram encouraging users to make new accounts (as one example tweeted by Matt Navarra and Rene Ritchie). This is ostensibly being done so that you can separate your accounts and have one focusing on close friends with the other having a more public facing purpose, but it’s fair to say that Instagram has realized that alternate accounts, or “finstas”, are a mainstay of how users tend to take advantage of their product and as a result of the fact that this is the case the company is embracing it so that it can help them move forward as easily as possible.

Some are criticizing this as an attempt to make its numbers seem a lot more impressive than they actually are, but most users are going to be glad that they no longer have to take steps to hide their finstas out of a fear that the company would find out about them and try to delete them before anyone would be able to use them to their fullest extent. Others are saying that this is unnecessary, and that giving people more privacy controls and allowing them to separate their followers into groups might just be a more efficient way of going about this sort of thing without artificially boosting Instagram’s numbers.

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