Instagram Lite Has Been Launched In India, Providing A Sleeker Interface For Users

In a recent event hosted by Facebook, titled “Facebook Fuel For India”, the tech giant launched a new spinoff application called Instagram Lite across all devices and online stores in India.

We all appreciate a slow and steady trod of updates to products, especially when they’re free. Updates are what keep an app’s functionality smooth and user-friendly, constantly relying on feedback to best improve community interaction. In such a fast paced digital era, updates also become necessary to the point that lagging behind in the slightest could result in one’s product falling into the endless void of irrelevancy. And so, developers slog on, adding more and more features to apps that keep getting heftier and heftier. Eventually, one realises that there must be an audience of people exclaiming “while all these newfangled additions are good and well, I just wanted to take pictures and message my friends.” These new features, innovative as they are, might simply be clouding the experience of a certain portion of the very user bases they cater to. Well, that’s where apps such as Instagram Lite join the fray.

Instagram Lite is a 2MB application entirely based around the concept of “less is more”. Gone are the typical interface’s IGTV, the unnecessary Reels, and the consumer-based Shopping. What users are left with is, to put a fine point on it, Instagram itself without the sparkle and shine added. Stripped down to the basics, with Stories, messages, and normal newsfeed posts. A refreshing breath of air for all those who were beginning to feel uncomfortable with the heavily bogged down Instagram proper. Yet, such people are not Lite’s only audience.

With the app being only 2 MB and having only the barebones features of Instagram, this becomes an easy-to-use, light platform for users with light phones. Phones with limited memory and a lower processing power than most others can now easily access a “clean” version of the app for less than half of the memory and the same responsiveness. Good fare, and as mentioned before, for free!

The Instagram Lite app, however, is only currently available in India and some other Asian regions for download. However, the app is expected to reach the rest of the world rather soon. To quell a certain amount of confusion certain readers might be experiencing, this author would like to state that this Instagram Lite app is not a new development. Rather, it is a revamp of the same service that was unceremoniously dropped by Facebook in favour of this new feature app. No release date has yet been announced for the launching of Instagram Lite outside of India, but let’s hope and see if early user response lives up to the hype.

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