Apple’s Final Cut Pro enables sharing on Facebook and YouTube

Apple on Monday released an update to its Final Cut Pro and other video apps that would enable users to share their videos on Facebook and YouTube.

In this version, the users will also see a new file creation option specifically for each video platform. Users will also be able to select settings accordingly such as resolution and captions before uploading the files to Facebook and YouTube.

Additionally, the Final cut Pro update will resolve some of the stability issues that were part of the software. However, further details have not been provided by the vendor.

Apple last updated Final Cut Pro in November and dropped the ‘X’ from its title.

Along with Final Cut Pro, the company also introduced minor stability improvements to Clips and Developer on Monday.

The new update is now available to download for existing users.

Final Cut Pro is available from the Mac App Store for $299.99. Other apps are also available at the Mac App Store for free except the Compressor which costs $49.99.

Screenshot: Twitter /GregoryMcFadden.

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