Twitter signs a deal with Amazon Web Services To Improve Users Timeline

Twitter signs a new hosting deal with Amazon Web Services, which will enable it to improve the app’s performance and the service it’s able to provide.

As per the report published on Bloomberg, Twitter will use the service of AWS to deliver Twitter timelines and supplement the company’s own computing capacity.

The deal would help Twitter avoid issues like it recently experienced with Fleets – its Stories-like feature. For those who are not aware, Twitter was forced to limit the launch of Fleets due to technical issues that led to lagging and poor user experience.

Those issues are sorted now but the new arrangement with AWS can help Twitter prevent such problems with release and updates.

The new agreement would also help Twitter roll out new tools and features faster. It should save money, free up developers to work on other products, and allow the company to grow in areas where they don’t have data centers.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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