Researcher unveils a free tool that can reveal the pixelized passwords, creates a security threat

It is time to reconsider your security practices because you might be thinking of your pixelized password as safe, but you might be wrong.

A newly introduced software which is available as free, so it means anyone can have access to this tool, this might create a huge security alert for all of us. This tool can read hidden letters or characters in an image.

This software is called Depix and is made available as free on GitHub.

The developer of this software, Sipke Mellema is also the consultant of information security, said that there was no software available to recover password from an image. That’s why there was the need for this software to recover such passwords so created this tool for the first time. Now the question is how this tool works?

The basic aim of this software is to find out the pattern of pixelized fonts by the precise rule. Pixelization follows a set of rules. The hidden characters will look the same each time

It compares the words comprised of two letters in contradiction of an image. In some passwords, the characters were overlapped so it is necessary to use combination letters. Blocks in an image can be matched with the blocks in the passwords. That’s how the Depix can take out the blur information from an image.

The image of the character will be swapped by an average value of all matches when there is no absolute match. This average value can presume the image.

This Depix tool requires the user to create a reference font to find out the masked characters. Because this software does not work as you just cut and paste the image and this tool will find all the hidden information from the pixelized images. Simply, if you know the part of blur fonts appears in which software, it becomes easy for the person to create the lookup image. Through lookup image your guess the hidden characters.

The part of the texts that is not blurred in pixelated text, will give some clues that a person requires. The person can get the settings of the fonts, now one more character will complete the task of getting the hidden information.

If you are successful in getting the font setting, you can make a lookup image. However, one can also try some default font setting manually to get anything.

This tool does not work with photographs. Therefore, the original screenshot of pixelated text is required to be the password. Mellema’s basic aim to make this software is to alert software firms not to use pixelization to secure passwords. If you do it so, will cost you to lose your sensitive data.

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