Google’s New Search Carousel Features GIFs

After Google’s enormous failure in trying to establish a competitive social media platform, with much of this failure having to do with Google’s attempts to make it so that the social media platform would be thoroughly incorporated into all of its other properties rather than being an independent platform, Google has been attempting to add features reminiscent of social media into its various other offerings rather than trying to create a single platform that would try to represent the company’s foray into social media which it has simply not been able to successfully complete in the past in spite of frequent attempts.

We have seen YouTube add a few social media features into the mix, and we are now starting to see Google’s search engine incorporate a few features that are primed for sharing as well. The new carousel that Google has added to it search results page can be seen as a pretty big example of this sort of thing. As per a Twitter user, the carousel is going to be focused on gifs, much like the video and news carousels. However, with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that this carousel is not meant to disseminate information related to your query.

Quite on the contrary, it is basically meant to make it so that you would see gifs that are relevant to your query, gifs that you would be able to easily share with your friends. Google is trying to make its search engine the kind of thing that people use for social mobility and connectivity purposes instead of just focusing on information and the like. It is an interesting move, one that certainly doesn’t hurt the primary function that Google is trying to fulfill

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