Google Releases New Settings For Users In The US To Limit Alcohol And Gambling Ads

The good thing about Google advertising today is that you have full control over it. Starting from knowing why a certain ad was shown to you to turning off the personalization options as per your choice, you get to see what you really should.

So, while the company takes great care of your experience on the internet, Google now also offers an option for YouTube that will let you block ads which might just be sensitive in nature for some users.

Hence, as a result, soon you will get to see a new option at the bottom of the Google Ad Setting page which will revolve around seeing fewer ads belonging to the alcohol and gambling category. Users can either choose to opt for seeing “Fewer ads” from these categories or reverse their decision whenever they want to.

The new “Ad Categories on YouTube” can be really helpful for users who want to get rid of their addiction issues and also for the communities that don’t really consider alcohol as good. It’s an extra step by Google to give users the liberty of how they want their experience on the internet to be. And along with that, the credit for this initiative also goes to the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking that has helped Google to achieve this.

Moreover, the controls also complement the policies and local laws of states where there might be restrictions on alcohol and gambling.

Starting from the USA first, the ability to limit sensitive ads will roll out on a global scale by the start of 2021.

With that, Google is also planning to provide more control options as per the expectations of its users. So, we can also expect more useful features coming out in times to come, all catered to make the ad experience more personalized.

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