Instagram is rolling out its shopping on Reels feature, which is one of the strong rivals of the TikTok app

Instagram is expanding its new feature that can take your online shopping experience to a whole next level. It will enable the viewers of Reel videos to see the products that are present in the video.

Through this latest announcement of introducing the shopping service, Instagram can not only provide the viewers with ease of watching Reel videos but also offer an opportunity to avail of the shopping service directly from the application by simply swiping up.

Reportedly, since Instagram has joined Facebook, it is striving hard to become the best service provider and a socializing platform even better than before. Therefore, they are planning to expand and launch new features in their help to gain substantial traffic on the social media platform. It is important to note here that several influencers and content creators are already marketing and selling through Instagram.

It also has a separate online shop within an application from where people can scroll down or search for their desired products, shop, and checkout with a few clicks. Yet, for now, Instagram is testing this proposed shop-the-products feature that is visible to the viewers in the video, and one can also shop directly from the Reel.

The reason why Instagram has planned to expand the shopping experience can be the prevalent pandemic as a whole that has halted the physical activities to an extent. With the update of this new feature, Instagram can significantly benefit the merchandise, traders, and even half of the population, and it is obvious who does not like shopping. From marketing or tagging on Instagram, one can now even shop from Instagram with a few clicks as soon as you find any product while watching a reel.

Along with this, it can also proffer the creators some obvious benefits as the public Reels are visible in the explore section. So, when the user searches for any of the products on Instagram, they can see the particular video showing their searched product to examine and shop right away from the video.

By acknowledging all this and even before its launch, we can bet that this feature will end up becoming one of the best Instagram features. As a reminder, Instagram has already added an in-app checkout feature, and now it is planning to launch an Insta shop, powered up by Facebook Pay.

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