New Report Delves Into Niche Carved Out By Mobile Gaming During The COVID-19 Pandemic, And Its Anticipated Future

The online marketing analysis tool, App Annie, has released a report detailing mobile app usage in 2020, and reveals that games on such devices have resulted in a revenue of $112 billion being generated.

App Annie, the San Francisco based app-related statistical information relay, has released information regarding all app data in 2020 as a whole. This allows people to take a peek back at this very tumultuous year, as well as establishing how people chose to effectively spend personal time under lockdown for over half a year. The article you're currently going through, however, is going to focus on a particular niche covered by the report. That being the unprecedented success of mobile gaming this year, taking app stores across Android and iOS by storm.

App Annie's list of top games of the year contains some worthy inclusions. In the category of most downloaded, Garena Free Fire maintains 1st position from 2019. Nicknamed Free Fire Battlegrounds by its community for sharing the same gameplay setting as PUBG (both games are battle royales), the game has an active community of over 80 million players, and has amassed over a billion dollars in revenue. Among Us, the werewolf-style multiplayer game published in 2018 saw some truly unexpected success, 2 years after its launch. It jumped 174 places from 2019 to claim 3rd place in the most downloaded list. PUBG dominates the most amount of active monthly users list, as people still seem to be addicted to this sprawling multiplayer battle royale. Finally, a game this author holds much love for, Pokémon GO jumps 3 slots to clutch 2nd place in consumer spend. A result of very quick and decisive action taken by developer Niantic, which shifted gameplay mechanics to quickly turn the game into an indoors simulation owing to the pandemic.

The reasons for mobile gaming's sudden success can easily be identified once the entries for top games are taken a closer look at. Games such as Among Us, PUBG, and Free Fire were incredibly effective ways of communicating with friends and loved ones, and emulating the feeling of "hanging out" with them by bonding over fun games. Games such as Pokémon GO added structure and substance to the repetitive, mundane surroundings of one's house by introducing cute little critters to the list. And that's all there is to it. Escapism from the harsh realities of today with friends and family, all over your easily accessible phone. App Annie projects that, while mobile gaming will definitely slow down as the pandemic slowly comes to a halt, its annual revenue will still keep heightening, projected to go over $120 billion in 2021.
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