Google News Is Rolling Out Dark Mode For Web On A Wider Scale

Google News has been testing Dark Mode for a while, but it is rolling it on a wider scale now. It comes as an automatic and default setting if the person’s system is also in the Dark Mode setting. However, a user can change it from the Settings on Google News directly.

Google News is the hub of all types of news stories from all over the world that it shows you on the basis of your interests with the help of machine learning. When you search for a specific news article, Google News uses that as a base of your interest and starts showing you articles that have been crawled from various publications and sources all over the web.

On Google News, you can also subscribe to your favorite publisher and access specific topics that interest you easily.

Google is constantly trying to introduce more features to the Google News Android app as well as the desktop version, to make it as interesting and easy as possible for the News readers. A year ago, the Google News Android app gained the ability to view news articles in dual languages. This was a sure shot attempt to make News reading as easily accessible as possible and for more people out there.

Google News also added the Dark Theme for WebView back then along with some other interesting features. It was the same dark mode that Google has been working on for all its other apps also, but there was a problem. The menu and the news articles would appear in the dark theme, but the news articles that were natively rendered by Google News and not by the Android System WebView would only appear in dark colors. For the articles that were opened in the Android System WebView, the background of the news articles would still appear in bright colors.

Now, Google has expanded the Dark Theme for the Web version of Google News too.

Once you open it (and if you are signed in to your Google account), on your left side, you can go and click on the ‘Settings.’ You will then see the option of ‘Dark Theme’ and to its right, you will see a drop-down menu. Here, you can easily select one of your preferences whether you want to see Google News in dark theme only when your system is in the dark mode, or you want to choose the ‘Always’ option. You can also disable it by choosing the option of ‘Never.’ 

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