Google Chrome will soon start blocking ads that use high-resources

Digital ads are an important source of marketing for brands. But sometimes the these ads on the websites are more interfering and involve in-depth resources. There are certain ad networks that publish ads with more time consuming videos or larger pictures. These ad networks are becoming a hindrance in user web browsing experience on Google Chrome.

Back in September, Google revealed that it will be soon closing down all ad iframes that add too much network resource in their ads and makes it a problem for web browsing.

To make web browsing trouble-free, the latest feature enables Chrome browser to simply block ads when using too many system resources, on its own. As reported by some users Chrome has started blocking ads displayed automatically by the advertising networks when they are reaching the requirements given below:

When the ad uses a key line for more than 60 seconds, uses the key thread in any 30 second frame from any more than 15 seconds, and uses a network capacity of more than 4 megabytes.

According to user feedback and tests, it seems like people are looking forward to having this feature in Chrome 87 for both desktop and Android mobile phones.

We've conducted multiple tests on big sites like the New York Times, according to which Google has started taking action against ads that use excessive system resources such as network data, power processing, or RAM.

Chrome will automatically show an error page within the ad frame when it meets the end telling users that the ad used so many resources from the ad network so we took it down. Google Chrome is also removing ads supported by Adsense product.

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