Google Blob opera; worth the hype or not?

AI can be useful and weird at the same time. Something always comes up that makes us realize how important and useful machine learning is. Things like opera singing blob make you wonder what would happen if there’s no AI.

Recently, Google has released Blob opera, a new machine learning experiment. Internet is going crazy over this cheerful content. On Blob opera, you can drag one of the four blobs up and down to control the pitch of their singing. All the four blobs instantly synchronizing, you can build a beautiful sound with hem. This feature makes people jump on the bandwagon and create their own sounds.

Google describes the process of creating this whole feature. David Li, the developer and the interactive designer design this tool and it takes over 16 hours to record four opera singers. But you will not get to hear their original voices instead, the Google AI model's voice considering what opera sounds like.

Along with dragging up and down to adjust the pitch, you can also drag forward and backward to modify vowel sound. To make your Christmas holiday more enjoyable, the Christmas mode adds melting snow and place Santa hats on the blobs. With this mode, you can enjoy your own Christmas concert.

Google Blob opera brings an online storm. People are turning towards Twitter to appreciate the fact that the internet has finally hit the top bar. Even though we are not letting down other incredible websites. But the Blobs holds feature that attracts everyone. People are continuously praising the efforts that goes into creating this amazing feature.

In the times when Google has been criticized for launching overly simple logos. Google took that criticism seriously and released something fun and experimental.

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