Google Launches Early Access Interpreter App on Play store - Assistant No Longer Needed?

In December of 2019, Google launched Assistant Interpreter; an add-on that has the function of translating verbal conversation to and from any language you want aloud, instantly breaking down communication barriers. Now, that task is made even easier as Google launches a separate Interpreter app shortcut on the Google Play store for early access.

Google Assistant has come a long way since its inception in 2016. Quickly developing from a hip commodity into an easily accessible crutch for the disabled and the technologically inept, there seems to be no end to the myriad of tasks it performs. Just this March of 2020, the ability to read out web pages was added to its hefty tool-belt. However, Assistant Interpreter and its many uses have apparently led Google to believe its own separate application is warranted.

The app will conduct its business much like the original Assistant Interpreter: issue a verbal command such as “be my *foreign language* translator”, upon which an interface will open, allowing you to select between the languages being translated. In a more detailed breakdown, the interface shows two icons. The left icon, encoded blue, is your default language, while the right icon, encoded green, is the language spoken by your foreign companion. There are 3 different modes which one can switch between for the sake of convenience. The first mode automatically comprehends the languages being spoken and begins work. The second will allow you to pick one of the icons to translate what’s being said in its associated language. Finally, “Keyboard Mode” will translate whatever you type in either language, rather like Google Translate. The Interpreter conducts the Herculean task of translating between 30+ different languages as reported by the Google Play store (the original app translates 44+ languages). Traveling no longer requires rummaging through dictionaries or hurriedly typing into Google Translate while your taxi driver pointedly checks his watch and waits for instructions. All one needs is clear, coherent speech to get the job done. Ordering at a Korean restaurant never seemed so easy, now did it?

While Assistant Interpreter is already available across all Android apps with Google Assistant, the Interpreter app itself has only been launched in select areas. However, it seems to be gaining traction and popularity, with a reported 1K+ downloads at the time the article was written. Soon enough, users across the world will be able to access the Interpreter app with ease, bypassing the use of Google Assistant. Who knows? The next time you’ll consider going abroad, second-guessing your choice of location might no longer boil down to language accessibility. All you’ll have to worry about is getting there; the Interpreter app will handle the rest!

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