Twitter Has Made Changes To Its Policies Of Hateful Conduct In Order To Protect Its Users From Dehumanization

Recently, Twitter announced that it has updated its rules of hateful conduct to create a more inclusive environment and protect users from dehumanization. In a tweet, the social media giant stated that they are continuously updating their rules to help keep people safe. In a tweet from its Twitter Safety account, the social media giant stated that today, the company is expanding its hateful conduct policy to address language that dehumanizes users based on national origin, race, or ethnicity. The update was announced on December 2, 2020.

In a follow-up tweet, the company said that posts dehumanizing people based on religion, caste, age, disability, or disease are not allowed on the social media platform. Studies have found that dehumanizing speech can lead to real-world harm, Twitter added. The company stated in the tweet that it wants to ensure that more people across the globe are protected from this harm.

Posts such as ‘All (national origin) are cockroaches who live off of welfare benefits and need to be taken away,’ are examples of tweets that violate the updated policies of Twitter. Back in July 2019, the company wrote in a blog post that Twitter took expert opinions, internal ideas, and public feedback into consideration while discussing hateful conduct.

As part of the recent update, the company stated that the group of third party experts from around the world helped it to better understand the challenges that Twitter would face. Moreover, these third-party experts also helped the company answer questions such as How can-or should- the company factor in considerations users have within marginalized groups.

The company explained in its blog post that posts that violate the updated policy would be removed. According to the blog post, Twitter stated that it would continue to surface potentially violative content through proactive detection as well as automation.

While the company has announced that it would remove tweets, users who repeatedly violate Twitter’s policies might face intensive punishment. The company stated that such accounts might be temporarily locked or suspended. Twitter also provided links to the help center’s enforcement page in the blog. These pages explain that the most severe enforcement action of the company a permanent suspension. Although accounts can appeal the suspension, they cannot create a new one. At the end of the blog post, Twitter added links to studies from Dr. Susan and Nick Haslam and Michelle Stratemeyer about the connection between dehumanizing and its harm.

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