Google Discover Feed is now coming to other Chromium browsers

The search giant Google is giving tough times to its competitors since it was introduced on 4th September 1998. To make users’ lives easier through its innovative features is considered by the firm to be its utmost priority.

Back in September 2018, this giant firm introduced ‘Google Feed’ which is now known as ‘Google Discover.’ The company intends to provide interesting news and content to its users, which is based on their former searches on Google. The content you see is updated on daily basis - by programmed systems that update the news after Google provides it with the record of users’ web and app activity.

Now, the latest development shows that Google will soon be allowing the Chromium-based browsers to get advantaged by ‘Google Discover.’ The browsers such as Samsung Internet, Brave and Opera would be able to discover Google feed on their platforms. Carlos Knippschild is a Software engineer at Google who confirmed on Chromium Gerrit that the firm is working to add a feature flag on the Web Feed feature.

The experimental flag will allow users to get updated with and discover the content on the web - says the description of the code. It will be available to them on the New Tab Page. The web structure and features of ‘Web Feed’ would be more common to those which are already found in Discover feed at Chrome.

Interestingly, according to Google Chrome Canary, this built-in Discover feature is available to Android users. Hopefully, this feature would be soon available for all Chromium-based mobile browser users, once the development phase is over.

Just like the upgraded additions to the current features of Chrome for Android was done by Google, desktop users are also expecting Discover to come their way- shortly.

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