After iOS and Android, YouTube brings layout design changes and auto-play toggle in the video player on the web version too

YouTube brought some changes to the layout design and controls for the video player on Android and iOS back in October. Now, some of these changes are going to the web version of the app too. The most important change is the placement of the auto-play toggle. It will be given a place inside the video player just like on the Android and iOS versions.

Until now, the auto-play toggle is on the right side of the video player, directly above the ‘up next video’ section. It can be enabled and disabled, thus affecting the auto-playing of the next videos in the playlist or the up next video section. However, as spotted by 9to5Google, now this toggle will be placed on the bottom overlay bar inside the video player, right next to the ‘CC’ button. This toggle comes with a play/pause option that enables it or disables it, just like the previous design.

When you click on the video player, this toggle will appear just like the buttons of Closed Captions (CC) and Settings. When the screen is idle, the toggle disappears along with the other buttons.

There is no harm with this new arrangement of the auto-play toggle too, but now it is so discreet that some people may have a difficult time locating it. On the right-hand side of the video player, above the ‘Up Next’ video section, a carousel of various options is going to be added. The ‘All’ option is a default setting, while two other options will also be available for the user to choose and filter the upcoming videos as per their choice from this carousel. Some common options or filters that are available in this carousel are ‘All,’ ‘Related,’ and ‘Recently uploaded.’

For instance, if a user is watching a song video, the carousel will show these three filters along with some more related to the other songs by the same singer or from the same movie. So, this is going to make the user experience slightly more personalized and interesting.

YouTube has officially rolled out this new layout design for the web version of the app, however, it is not on every account as yet. Once this new design becomes available for an account, the user will see a blue prompt that will help them and guide them about the changed position of the auto-play toggle.

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