Google to Allow you to Expand Meta Descriptions on Search Engine Result Pages?

Have you ever thought about how easy life would be if you could expand the meta description below Google Search without leading he Result Pages? Well, if you did, then you will definitely appreciate this news. Even though the feature we are about to discuss hasn’t been rolled out to all Google users yet, some people have started noticing it.

What we are referring to is the option for one to expand the text description below the search results on Google. While you may have heard about the expandable images (under the snippet) thingy, having the option to expand the meta description itself seems like a cool addition.

As per Twitter user Jordan Long, it has now become possible for some people to expand the description text on the SERP and make it show around 300 characters instead of the 140-150 characters it generally shows. Long even attached a GIF of the said feature in action and to say that it has got everyone talking would be an understatement.

Simialrly, on the other hand other users reported on Twitter, that Google is also experimenting with interactive search results where it shows photos within snippets when users click/tap on a newly appeared image icon right next to some search results.

At this point, it remains unknown whether Google actually plans on releasing these features or not, and if it’s just testing it out to find out people’s reactions. Have you noticed any new options similar to the ones shown in the tweets above, e.g, allowing you to double the meta text length or interactive images? If yes, do let us know in the comments.

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