Soon Mini game Hot Air Balloon will start appearing on Google Play Store when you are offline

Apps reverse engineering experts Jane Manchun Wong and Alessandro Paluzzi are well-known feature finder. Amidst the pandemic, they both came up with an offline hot air balloon Easter egg mini-game that can be played offline. Just like the famous Chrome dino mini-game, this hot air balloon game becomes accessible when the internet connection is having interruptions and seems to stop working. This mini-game appears when the user roams around on the Google play store without an internet connection. In a very short time, the hot air balloon Easter egg game went viral and users are already enjoying the development.

When there is no internet connection, what usually happens is Google asks to retry or to check the internet connection. But since the launch of this mini-game, Google play store is giving out a new option to the users to play the game while waiting. This option is available right at the bottom of the screen displayed as “play while you wait.” While the content is loading, the user can kill time by playing the game. In front of the Hot Air Balloon, the play button is available that will take you directly to the game. Although, this option is not rolled out for everyone at the moment.

You will find this latest Hot Air Balloon game similar to the dino mini-game. It has the same monochrome theme, larger pixels, and a simple control panel. Google released this game according to the standards maintained by them.

H/T: AP.

The tactics are extremely simple. Just move left and right with the help of controls and grab the bubbles. Try to ignore the falling spikes and hide from them. Coming in contact with those falling spikes will end the game. Like every other game, there are multiple features that can be used to gain more scores. This includes magnets and colorful pickup that help in scoring more points.

Google kept testing this game for a little longer before rolling it out. But, it is still not available for every Android user. Hopefully, it’s going to launch widely soon.

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