Google Photos is introducing a new feature ‘Cinematic Photos’ to give your Pictures a 3D touch

We already have different modes and features for our phone cameras that have already helped us click some of the best pictures. However, Google Photos is bringing a new feature called ‘Cinematic Photos’ which will use artificial intelligence. Through machine learning, this feature will be able to judge an image’s depth and will produce a 3-dimensional representation of the scene in the image. It does not even require any depth information from the phone’s camera.

Once a 3-dimensional image is created, Google will add a smooth animation to it, giving a panning effect. So, in a way, the animations and effects that we sometimes use separately from different photograph and image modifying apps, that will no longer be necessary.

This cinematic effect will present images having more depth and life to them than other cameras provide. Also, whoever sees the picture will assume that it has been clicked by a more professional camera, whereas the truth will be that it will be your regular smartphone’s camera using Google Photo’s new cinematic photos feature.

However, one important thing to remember is that your cinematic photos will be shared in the form of a video, because of the animation effect. This feature is going to be available from January 2021, but to use it, you will have to update your Google Photos app. All the images that you will click will start appearing as highlights in your photo gallery, and from there, like any other media file, you can choose to share it with your friends or on your social platforms in the form of a video.

While this is certainly exciting news, there is a little apprehension too. Since these photos will actually be short videos, they will certainly take up more space in our phones as well as on Google Photos. Now, on the other hand, Google Photos is going to implement service charges for extra storage around the summer of 2021, so will that make it difficult for us to save our cinematic pictures/videos in the app?

We are not sure about the size and space these short videos will take up. Let us see how it turns out to be once the feature officially rolls out next month.

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