Through humanization prompts of Twitter, you can revise your reply which could be indecent for other users

Twitter is a world with 280 characters tweets or Unicode glyphs. When things get heated people may say many harsh words that they don’t even mean in a little tweet. While keeping in mind such tweets, Twitter is experimenting with a humanization prompt. This prompt will help you to revise your toxic replies before it is published which could hurt many people’s feelings or which could be harmful to anybody. The percentage of toxicities rises on big events just like election days when people try to troll others, however, this percentage is not small on normal days too.

Through the new humanization prompts, users will be shown shared interests and common followers when they are relying to another person’s tweets which will help to reduce a toxic and hateful tweet to a great extent. The main aim of Twitter is to build a strong environment of healthy and positive conversations among users.

Twitter stated in clear words that we want less toxic and harmful replies and more thoughtful conversations and human connections. Through this, more heated debate will be avoided. Twitter will judge the success of this experiment. One thing Twitter wants to remind people when they are replying to a tweet that there is an actual person who exists on the other side of your reply, who may get hurt by your hated response which is not acceptable on this platform. People will be cautious, and they have to when they are replying to the tweet of a stranger Said a senior product manager Christine Su.

Further, Twitter is focusing on an effort to limit who can reply to a tweet, which will help to reduce the behaviour of trolling and Twitter has received a positive response from users in this regard.

Twitter will test this prompt on just ten percent of English-speaking android users so when you see no prompt, you need not be astonished because this test will not be applied to all users.

Twitter is hopeful that this test will work when the people will find other persons with a common and shared interest, this will lessen the chances of toxicities.

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