Giving Tuesday Features Introduced on Instagram to Allow Individual to Support Nonprofits and SMBs

In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the economy seems to fall off, Instagram came up with the idea of supporting small businesses. Instagram, through its platform, provides opportunities to nonprofits businesses to earn a living.

Instagram introduces a “Giving Tuesday” option which is a new collaborative story feature on the top of the story feed of every individual. It will show story frames shared by the public. This story consists of a specific donation sticker. Instagram aims to illustrate how users can provide help and support on Giving Tuesday.

Instagram users will be able to see a Giving Tuesday story every Tuesday right at the front of the feed and the story will probably last till the end of Giving Tuesday.

Instagram discussed this feature by saying, “we are working on this new feature “Giving Tuesday” story that will motivate people to directly help and assists small businesses through Instagram. This will be highlighted as the first story in your stories bar. Your followed account that uploads the story using a ‘donation” sticker will be shared on your feed for a limited time only.”

Not just for small business promotion, Instagram has implemented this strategy for a variety of events so that people will be inspired to engage as much as possible and support the important cause behind the events.

As this pandemic has impacted small and medium businesses and has limited their work. These businesses need special support from every individual. This year's campaign for funding was focused on something different than normal.

Besides this, Instagram has been working on new ways and means by which people can build and promote non-profit fundraisers by tagging them on their posts within their feed. Instagram’s parent company Facebook explained this feature last week.

As this feature is not yet available, Instagram has decided to reveal this as a part of the Giving Tuesday drive.

Instagram aims to bring those content creators in the limelight who tried to help their communities via their official account. Users can also support these nonprofit or SMBs by volunteering, giving out donations, or just showing a thoughtful gesture.

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