Beware Instagram Users, There Is A Password Reset Scam That You Need To Watch Out For!

We are living in an era where millennials cannot even imagine spending a day without Instagram. So, while millions of people are on it every day, there is a risk for a much bigger privacy breach with the new text scam that is on the rise already.

The revelation first got made in the form of tweets coming from several Instagram users who showed a glimpse of an official-like password reset texts from the company. The text read as “Tap to reset your Instagram password:” with an link?

However, when users checked the login details to see if the warning is legit, no one really attempted to break into their account from any unknown device. This led to another user coming up to the conclusion that maybe someone is trying to hack the accounts.

By now, we are sure that this is a new phishing scam that will convince users to enter their email and then a new password so that users can later access their accounts with the help of the script.

For those of you who may have fallen for the trap, Instagram only informs you about updating your password via email to your official email address.

Furthermore, privacy experts suggest that such fake texts are usually something coming from the hackers and it is important that people don't click the links and also delete them immediately.

In case, if the user clicks on the link by mistake, they should disconnect the device from the internet and close the page or tab.

Fortunately, Instagram’s recent update now includes details regarding when and how the company reaches out to its users in an official capacity. And to know more on that, all you are required to do is open your Instagram app, head to Settings > Security > Emails from Instagram.

By doing so, Instagram has created more erase for users to know when the company has actually contacted them, and when it is actually hackers trying to access the accounts.
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