Facebook’s live stream regarding COVID-19 vaccines met with a lot of poor criticism from thousands of commentators

All sorts of people use Facebook as a source to pour out whatever their hearts and minds dictate. The people belong to various schools of thought, and the majority of them all over the world do not know how to respect others’ opinions and where to stop talking and listen quietly!

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg had a live stream in which Dr. Anthony Fauci was addressing the current updates regarding the vaccines for COVID-19. As we all know, Pfizer and Moderna are very close to release the vaccines, so Dr. Fauci chose to speak about the efficacy of these vaccines and the probable time by which they will be available for consumers. Now, this was a serious and interesting discussion that people should have paid attention to. Instead, people started pouring out ridiculous and extremely non-sensical comments during the Live stream.

Now, these thousands of commentators belonged to different categories: 1) The group of people who defy science and believe that this disease is nothing to create hype about, 2) The group of people who believe that this disease is part of some conspiracy and the virus was created in labs, 3) The group of people who think that vaccines are a way to further damage the health of people all over the world, so they are totally against these vaccines, and 4) The group of people who think that there is nothing like COVID-19 in reality! These are the ones who defy science and logic and everything in between, because in the US alone, as of now, more than 270,500 deaths have been recorded because of COVID-19. So, this claim is the most ridiculous of all.

Anyway, all such people gathered around the live stream of Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Anthony Fauci and started posting really silly comments. Their comments were so bad in taste and their criticism was so poor that people who were seriously watching the live stream got extremely upset besides getting distracted.

Some of these people believed that this live stream was a way for Mark Zuckerberg to start selling the ‘dreaded’ vaccine that can work against COVID-19. So, they made sure to write in comments that they will never get Zuckerberg’s and Fauci’s vaccine. A user called Dr. Fauci a quack!

One commentator thinks that taking vitamins and exercising regularly is enough to put off the virus from infecting you. This person urged the users to not buy the vaccine from the ‘Devil!’

Even if you try to see the ‘Most relevant’ comments only, they were also full of such crazy shenanigans.

This live stream just highlighted how people choose to remain misinformed all their lives, and then they have the audacity to put all the blame for their own stupidity on various social media platforms.

Beside all the negativity, according to Zuckerberg, Facebook is planning to distribute authoritative content about the vaccines, which will help in curbing misinformation on the social network.

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