Stats Show Almost 2.8 Million Shopping Apps Were Downloaded On Black Friday

While 2020 has been a really dark year for brands, something good has finally come of it in the form of Black Friday as almost all of the major brands held month-long sales and on top of that, they urged users to shop online by giving additional sales advantage.

Fortunately, the result of this effort has shown a good increase in the first-time installs of mobile shopping apps across the United State. According to the statistics given by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, there is an 8 percent increment on a year-over-year basis (ending November 27th) and with that, there has also been a record of 2.8 million apps downloaded in a single day.

Overall the growth has been pretty much the same when compared to the Black Friday of 2019 because shopping app installs then had also experienced an 8 percent Y/Y growth. However, it seems like that the growth in the shopping category, in particular, has seen more growth and perhaps that is the reason why the ongoing sales figure also went up.

Diving deep into the results, the preliminary estimates show that the Shopping category installs across the U.S. App Store and Google Play combined reached a figure of approximately 59.2 million in between the time period of November 1 and November 29 - which is 15 percent above 51.7 million achieved in the similar period in November 2019. Moreover, it is also 10 percentage points greater than the 2 percent Y/Y growth experienced during the same duration of 2019.

Top Shopping Apps Downloaded On Black Friday 2020

The recent report of Mobile Retail Trends Fall 2020 shows that the U.S. consumer adoption of apps from brick-and-mortar (B&M) retailers have seen a 27 percent growth Y/Y in the first three quarters of the year. In fact, in the list of top 10 shopping apps downloaded on Black Friday, five belonged to B&M retailers.

Walmart stood as the most downloaded with 131,000 installs, AMazon was second with 106,000 installs, and Shop with 81,000 was at No. 3. Taking an aggregate of top 10 apps, there have been 763,000 installs in total, and in that figure, there is also a presence of 27 percent of first-time downloads in the Shopping category on Black Friday.

Consumers Celebrating The Holiday On A Budget

Although a lot of countries like the US are bearing an on-going recession, yet this hasn’t affected the interest of consumers in shopping. Instead, consumers are moving towards more budget-friendly options or buy no, pay later plans (considering how the BNPL apps have also experienced growth over months this year). On the other hand, retailers are also acting smart by creating more events for discounts, all with the hope of grabbing more budget-friendly customers.

With that being said, we can also expect 2021 to be a little more different than only one-day sales like Black Friday or Single’s Day. This will eventually push consumers to choose more options through the apps as well.

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