Facebook explains the problem with ePrivacy's "Some features [are] not available" with Messenger and Instagram

Previously, the limitations of ePrivacy service were discussed regarding the message that says “some features are not available” on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

In a new development, Facebook explained in a blog post about the limitations of this service and discussed when and how full service will be readjusted.

In a blog post, Aura Salla, Facebook's  Public Policy Director, Head of EU Affairs mentioned that beginning from December 20, several communications systems across the EU will be protected by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (ePrivacy Directive). Messaging and calling services will be subjected to the rules enforcing the ePrivacy Directive and the ways by which companies utilize messaging and calling data will be restricted.

This problem affects Facebook and its messaging network including Messenger, and Instagram. It was suggested that Facebook has to separate the messaging data from other components of its network.

Although Facebook is working to overcome this problem, their priorities are the essential features including messaging and video calls. Moreover, the team is working to enable other features also.

And as they are making adjustments to comply with the new privacy rules, some specific features like polls that work by the use of messaging content might be disrupted. Facebook is trying to bring back those features as soon as possible.

Facebook also reports that the messaging and calling services are also restricted by the ePrivacy Directive to use data in order to avoid, identify, and respond to the acts of child abuse and other types of harm. It was confirmed by the European Commission and child protection professionals that legal foundations were not presented by the ePrivacy Directive for these tools. The protection of the community is of utmost importance and any improvements that enable us to continue the attempts to detect such type of content will be supported. The strategy that helps in identifying the trend of abuse is to evaluate messaging metadata. By this method, we can keep our community protected while keeping the privacy of people’s messages maintained. Just like we can use metadata to exchange safety alerts, recognize unsafe accounts, and secure children.

This leads to the fact that the messaging services of Facebook are not as reliable as they were before. Facebook needs to discover another way to fix the issue of private communication monitoring to ensure the safety of messages.

For any modifications or problems, Facebook advises users to track their Help pages.

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